Available for Android and IOS

Consult frame data

Explore the moves and properties of any character.

Find punishers

Compare characters and see what moves are punishable.

Help the community

Update the data so that the community can benefit from it.

Consult frame data

Select a character and view its frame data. You can filter, search and sort moves easily. Use the drag bar to quickly navigate to other categories like vertical or special attacks.

Find punisher moves

Select a second character to view all moves that can be punished from the second character. By clicking on one move, you will get all its punisher moves.

Help the community

You can update each framedata by long pressing on a move. Each update you make will be saved in your mobile and shared anonymously to our server. If we have sufficient corrections we will be able to update the app with the updated database, so it will benefit all users.

Get in touch with us

Follow our Facebook account or Twitter account to get the latest news on the app. Join us on Discord if there are any corrections you would like to report.

Support us

We are always looking for help populating and correcting the frame data. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can accelerate the updates.